One-off pieces, rejects, self-promos, why-nots, and other visual nonsense.

She died along with this soft serve logo concept.

Gone Fishin'

Isolation Index
A series of mixed media works done in collaboration with my artner in crime, Sam Pagni. Unreal talent on that girl.

An idea I just couldn't quite sell

A guy can dream

Carry On
A series based on Craigslist posts

Likely story
A fun seal for an outdoor advertising project for Fat Sully's NY Pizza, Denver Biscuit Co., and Atomic Cowboy

Part of a logo for Stella Concrete

The warmest beer

I do lots of work for the buds over at STELLAService

Logo concepts from the grave

Name.com homepage
Partner: DrinkMe Creative

Big O's BBQ

Retro 26


Nothing better than floatin'n'bloatin' 

Self promotion

Designs for train wraps

Screenprinted wedding invite poster for my lil' sister's wedding
See more on Martha Stewart Weddings

Wine label for sister's wedding
See more on Martha Stewart Weddings
Photo by Jeff Gleason

Seal for my homie Andy's wedding

Newspaper themed wedding suite for a newsgal

Newspaper themed wedding suite details

Fish Now!


A series about things my Grandma Dee used to say.

Henry Vodka Co. rejects
Sad face

Men at Work
A series of mixed media illustrations

Medieval Metro: a typeface

Super Sexy!

Brand creation work for Elevate by Design

Boarding pass-themed wedding invites for my travel agent pal, Summer Solstice.

A leaf pencil

Ad system for the Green Bridge Inn in Redcliff, Colorado